Garmin Connect

GPS based devices have emerged as a major lifestyle change in the past couple of decades. These avant-garde devices are used in multiple aspects of your life like navigation, outdoor tracking, sports, fitness etc. Garmin is one of the industry leading providers of these innovative products and services. However, these devices need comprehensive management solutions for accuracy, reliability and ease of access. For this purpose, it provides user-friendly applications like Garmin Connect.

Understand Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is a holistic management tool available free of cost for the benefits of Garmin GPS Device users. This intuitive software application is designed to give you round-the-clock access to your GPS Gadgets on account of its compatibility with Smartphones. It is specifically beneficial for all the sports, fitness and outdoor devices offered by Garmin. This user-centric management application facilitates in capturing, evaluating and sharing your activities related to health and fitness recorded on your Garmin Device. It ensures the data gathered by your GPS Device is easily accessible in the most simplified form. Not only that, it allows you to customize this data in a way that is suitable to you. 

In short, it is the single-stop destination to access and manage your health and fitness data.

Multiple Benefits with a Single Tool

  1. Tracking of Daily Activities to fulfill your health and fitness goals. For instance,  floors climbed, steps, calories burnt, sleep, etc.
  2. Goal-oriented tool that tracks your progress.
  3. With a personalized My Day page, review your personal records and detailed daily health data.
  4. Get access to Completed Workouts.
  5. Keep track of your Current Weight in comparison to your Weight Goals.
  6. Sleep Data Monitoring.
  7. Personal Record’s Log.
  8.  Facilitates sharing of goals, activities, progress, training/ courses etc.
  9. Get Activity Reports even for Specific Time Periods.
  10. Get Analysis for Daily Activities and Related Statistics.
  11. Establish Training, Action Plans/ Courses, Personalized Workouts etc.
  12. Transfer Action Plans and Training Courses to GPS Devices.
  13. Progress Comparison by reviewing Activities, Goals Training Courses etc.
  14. Create Challenges, Share Progress and Compete with Friends/ other users.
  15. Integrates with apps like MyFitnessPalStrava etc.
  16. Earn Badges for Goal Accomplishment.
  17. Access Support for Garmin Devices.

Garmin Connect Setup

In order to set up Garmin Connect on your smartphone, you must first Install it from the Application Store. Following that, you must Pair your GPS Device to your smartphone and log in to Garmin Connect. 

Install Garmin Connect

  1. Launch Google Play Store or App Store respectively on your Android or iOS Smartphone. 
  2. Go to its Search Bar. Then, search for “Garmin Connect”.
  3. From the search results, select Garmin Connect.
  4. On the following window, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button.
  5. This will begin the Installation process. 
  6. Now, wait until the process finishes.
  7. Once the process completes, tap “Open” to access this state-of-the-art application.

Pair Device

After Installing Garmin Connect, turn on the Bluetooth of your Smartphone. Along with that, turn on the Bluetooth of your Garmin Device. Thereafter, properly Pair both the Devices.

Sign In/ Create Account

In order to complete the Garmin Connect Setup, launch the installed application on your Smartphone. The very first window will prompt you to “Garmin Login” to your Garmin Account. Therefore, use your Garmin Account Credentials to access the application. 

However, in case of absence of an existing Garmin Account, you must set up a new Account. For this, click on the Account Creation link on this Application. Then, complete the set up by following on-screen instructions.