Garmin Health

Garmin Health gives you the power to create custom solutions for your business. From corporate wellness programs to innovative patient monitoring, It provides flexible solutions for a variety of marketers. Also, you can get instant access to current activity data like step counts, heart rate, stress scores, accelerometer, and more. So, it is helpful in maintaining the fitness of all the users.

Garmin Health helps the business in engaging the members of their organization with the help of corporate programs and its additional features. It helps in maintaining social interaction between the employers and their employees. Also, it provides data access options that allow users to access the data logged by Garmin wearables. 

Employee Wellness Programs

It is linked with industry-leading wellness platforms worldwide. Also, it is the perfect partner for platform providers. It will keep you updated with the fast-changing wellness market and provide the information you need to build the engagement programs. The employee wellness portal will engage users with challenges, social interaction, and activity tracking. Employers can access aggregated activity data about their employees via the portal. Also, employees can use the platform to track their individual progress as well as can compare to others in the program. 

Engage your members with Garmin wearables 

Garmin Health provides the data that you need to identify health trends, mitigate the risk and administrator next-generation programs. It motivates the members to be actively engaged in making healthy lifestyle decisions with Garmin wearables. So, Garmin Health helps in promoting a healthier lifestyle for all your employees. 

Patient Monitoring

It provides you a variety of data to improve patient outcomes by conducting a detailed study. It lets you access the power of Garmin wearables data with innovative solutions and customizable options. So, this helps in meeting your business needs and those of your patients. 

Access Health and Activity Data from Garmin Connect 

Garmin Health application program interface(API) delivers both the all-day health metrics and the details of fitness metrics. It supports more than 30 activity types e.g. running, cycling, swimming, paddle boarding, kite surfing, snowboarding and a lot more. After user consent, you can access all the sensor data logged by Garmin wearables and fitness devices during the activity. 

Control Garmin Wearables 

  • Garmin Health Standard SDK: 

Garmin Health Standard SDK takes control of Garmin wearables and you can access all the health and fitness activity data directly from your mobile application without the need for web service integration. The Standard SDK is HIPPA compliant that allows you to aggregate and archive the data in your own systems. 

  • Garmin Health Companion SDK: 

You can use this Companion SDK for Android and Apple to control real-time sensor streams from Garmin wearables. It provides you direct access to all the daily activities like heart rate, step counts, etc. Also, Companion SDK perfectly matches the API’s all-day health and fitness activity information, which gives you a combined power of episodic and historical data to push your specific software features.

So, the above-given is the full-proof guide of Garmin Health.