Garmin Express

Illustrative procedure to download Garmin Express on your PC

Before you download the Garmin Express application ensure that your device is compatible with the minimum system requirements. This is so if your device is not compatible with the system requirements it might create issues in downloading the software.

  • Firstly, switch on your computer and launch the commonly used web browser on your system on which you wish to download the Garmin Express. 
  • Once you open the web browser as per your choice, navigate the address field at the very top and type in
  • As a result, it will redirect you to the desired webpage for downloading the software. 
  • On the webpage of Garmin, you will get two different download tabs for Windows and Mac Pc’s. 
  • Now, if you’re accessing the Windows PC, drag your cursor and click on Download For Windows. Whereas, if you are accessing the Mac PC, drag your cursor and click on Download For Mac. 
  • Finally, this will begin with the downloading process on the operating system you are using. 

Download Garmin Express

  1. First and foremost, launch an Internet Browser that you prefer to use on your “Computer”. 
  2. Then, access “”.
  3. This window displays the links to download its latest version for both the Windows and Mac-based devices. Therefore, click on either “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac” as per your OS. 
  4. As a result, Garmin Express Setup File will begin downloading on your system. However, this will take time. Hence, wait for it. 

Install Garmin Express

  1. To begin with, search your system for the downloaded Setup File. 
  2. Then, double-click on it to access the Installer.
  3. Now, click “Run” when the “Security Warning” pop-up box appears.
  4. Next, you must click on the “Terms and Conditions” link on the following window. Then, read the document properly and close it. Thereafter, select the respective checkbox for accepting the terms.
  5. Additionally, you can alter the Install Location on this window by clicking “Options”.
  6. Finally, click “Install” and initiate the Garmin Express installation process.
  7. However, you must wait for the process to complete as it will take time.
  8. After that, click “Launch Garmin Express”. 
  9. Then, click “Get Started”. 
  10. At last, restart your computer.

Create Garmin Account

  1. First and foremost, launch a Web Browser.
  2. Then, open “”.
  3. Now, look for the “Profile” icon located at the top right-hand side of this window. After that, hover over it to expand its menu box.
  4. Next, you must click on the “Account” tab to access its “Garmin Login” window. 
  5. Thereafter, click on “Create One” underneath the “Sign In” button. 
  6. Then, accurately enter the required Profile Information. For example, Name, Email Address, Password etc.
  7. After that, open the Terms Of Use” and “Privacy Policy” documents by clicking the respective links. Then, read the terms and close them. Thereafter, tick mark the respective checkboxes.
  8. Finally, click on the “Create Account” button and establish your Garmin Account. 
  9. Subsequently, log in to the Email Account as provided above. Then, open the Verification Email sent for Garmin Update. After that, click on “Verification Link” and verify your Email Address.  
Step 2: Connect Garmin GPS to the Computer
  1. In order to perform Garmin Update, dismantle your Garmin Device. 
  2. Then, turn it on while ensuring that it is fully charged. 
  3. Now, use a mini “USB Cable” to hook up the “GPS Device” to your Computer. 
  4. Next, you must wait for the system to connect to your device.
  5. Thereafter, access Garmin Express and launch it by double-clicking on it.
  6. After that, “Sign In” to your Garmin Account when prompted.
  7. Then, click “Get Started” and prepare for Garmin Update. 
  8. The following window allows you to add your Garmin Device to this Account. Hence, click on “Add a Device” from the top left-hand side. 
  9. When prompted, click “Add Device” once again.
  10. Consequently, it will search your device for Garmin Update. Then, connect to it. 

Step 3: Perform Garmin Update

  1. For performing Garmin Update, you must go to the Dashboard of Garmin Express that was launched in the last step.
  2. When you connect a registered Garmin Device to Garmin Express, it detects all the available updates automatically. 
  3. Therefore, a list of available updates will appear on your screen.
  4. Hence, click on the “Install All” or “Select All” tab for initiating Garmin Update.
  5. However, you can even install the available updates individually. For this, click on “View All” and get details of all the available updates. Thereafter, select a specific Garmin Update and click on the respective “Install” tab.
  6. As a result, Garmin Update will be downloaded and installed on your GPS Device.
  7. However, this will take time depending upon the speed of your Internet Connection. Hence, you must wait for it. Meanwhile, make sure the device is never disconnected during the process.
  8. Once the process finishes, it will notify you the same.
  9. After that, disconnect your GPS Device only when prompted to do so.
  10. Subsequently, wait while your GPS Device restarts itself.